Digital Business Cards for Smart Phones

The WAPPCard is the modern version of the traditional business card which is sent to smart phones, tablets & computers.

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About WAPP Card Digital Business Cards

About WAPPCard

The WAPPCard is a digital business card that works on all smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers. Your own personal web app is sent directly to your clients' phone via SMS, WhatsApp, Email or Social Media and is then easily added using features that are on all devices with internet connectivity. This saves the need to login to any app market ensuring a quick and easy download for both you and your clients.

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WAPPCard Benefits

Over 88% of traditional business cards end up in the bin and they are becoming irrelevant in an ever increasing online marketplace. WAPPCard digital business cards are added directly onto your clients' online devices ensuring all your details are just a tap away.


Boost Conversions

Adding your personal app onto a client's phone boosts conversions, repeat business & product promotion.


Quick Contact

No more lost business cards or forgetting contact names, all of your details are a tap away in your own personal app.


Mass Updates

Mass updates allow for you to change any detail on each of your previously shared WAPPCards instantly.


Easy Functionality

It is extremely quick & easy for even the most basic of users to add and share your WAPPCard on any device.


Online Presence

The WAPPCard is your own personal app, digital business card and also creates or grows your online presence.


Eco Friendly

Due to their paperless nature, WAPPCards are kind to the environment and help prevent waste and litter.

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Pricing & Packages

There are a selection of prices to purchase your own personalised digital business card depending on your budget and requirements.



  • 1 Digital Business Card
  • Professionally Built
  • Profile Picture
  • Standard Colour Scheme
  • Custom App Icon
  • Unlimited Shares & Downloads
  • Routine Maintenance*
  • Technical Support


Most Popular


  • 1 Digital Business Card
  • Professionally Built
  • Profile Picture
  • Company Logo
  • Custom Colours (Taken from Logo)
  • Custom App Icon
  • Unlimited Shares & Downloads
  • Routine Maintenance*
  • Technical Support
  • User Statistics




  • Unlimited Digital Business Cards
  • Professionally Built
  • Staff Profile Pictures
  • Company Logo
  • Custom Colour Scheme
  • Custom App Icon
  • Unlimited Shares & Downloads
  • Business Domain & Hosting
  • Routine Maintenance*
  • Technical Support
  • User Statistics
  • Staff Training


*Routine maintenance consists of 1 change per business card per month. After the first 12 months, there is a yearly fee of €49 for the basic and premium packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the WAPPCard.

How do I get my digital business card?

Simply visit the order page, fill in the relevant details and then checkout. One of our experienced team will then get to work and send you your own personal business card within 2 working days.

Do I build the digital business card myself?

No, this is not an online builder. You simply provide the details and our team of professionals will do all of the work for you. This allows you to focus your time on your business while we provide you with the best end product.

What if I have shared my digital business card but then changed my phone number?

That's one of the great advantages of the WAPPCard. Simply drop an email to and our professional team will make the required change in real-time. This update will be added to every device the digital business card is on. What's more, we provide a routine update each month for no additional charge.

Is there a limit to the amount I can send out?

There is no limit to the amount of digital business cards you can share. In fact, we have such a belief in the WAPPCard that we want you to share it to the masses.

Can I change the colours and add my company logo?

Absolutely, if you want a little bit more of a personalised look we would recommend the Premium Package which allows for more customisation. The Premium Package requires your company logo from which it takes a relevant colour scheme to create a unique digital business card.

On what devices will my digital business card work?

The WAPPCard will work on any device with internet connection. It will maximise the page space and shape itself differently on iPhones, Android Phones, Windows Phones, tablets, laptops & desktop computers. Your own personal web app will be easily downloadable onto any smart phone.

How do I get a digital business card for each of my staff?

We tailor make packages for corporate clients depending on volume and requirements. Get in touch and we can have a chat to see what works best.

Are there any additional charges?

Once your purchase your digital business card there are no additional charges for routine updates, shares or downloads. After the first 12 months, there is a yearly fee of €49 for the standard and premium packages to cover the maintenance and server fees that guarantee your digital business card is always ready for action.

Frequently Asked Questions

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