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New Innovative Business Cards Now Available in Ireland

WAPPCard Digital Business Cards eliminate the need for printing business cards and help towards a greener future for generations to come. Over 88% of traditional business cards end up in the bin and they are becoming irrelevant in an ever-increasing online marketplace.

WAPPCard | Digital Business Cards for Smart Phones

WAPPCard Digital Business Cards are easily added directly onto your clients' online devices ensuring all of your details are just a tap away. The WAPPCard works on all smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers. Your own personal web app is sent directly to your clients' phone via SMS, WhatsApp, Email or Social Media and is then easily added using features that are on all devices with internet connectivity. This saves the need to login to any app market ensuring a quick and easy download for both you and your clients.


The WAPPCard can be shared to an unlimited amount of your clients and has a huge amount of benefits including the following:

Quick & Easy to Use

It is extremely quick & easy for even the most basic of users to add and share your WAPPCard on any device. Your business card is added as a web app to your clients phone, tablet, computer or any other device with internet connectivity. This saves the need to login to any app market ensuring a quick and easy download for both you and your clients.

Mass Updates

Don't worry if you have shared your digital business card and have then updated your phone number, email, position or even staff member. Mass updates allow for the change of any detail on each of your previously shared WAPPCards.

Beautiful Design

WAPPCards have a beautiful design that prioritises the most vital screen space on all devices allowing for ease of use and a great user experience.

Quick Contact

No more lost business cards or forgetting contact names, all of your details are a tap away under your own personalised app icon.

Tech Support

Our professional support team can quickly change and update your WAPPCard as required which will update on all of the devices that your WAPPCard has been sent to.

Eco Friendly

Due to their paperless nature, WAPPCards are kind to the environment and help prevent waste and litter.

Pricing & Packages

We have an introductory offer with prices starting at just €99 for a standard WAPPCard, additional options with more customisation and corporate packages (for multiple staff members) are also available. Click here to view the breakdown of features and options.

How to Order

A few basic details are required to get your own WAPPCard. Simply visit the order page on and complete the required fields. Your own personalised digital business card will then be built to your specifications and ready to share within 5 working days.

Get in Touch

For more information on WAPPCard please do not hesitate to call 00353 (0)1 465 1798, email or visit

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