Personal Apps for Professionals

Personal Apps for Professionals

Getting your business onto your clients’ phone is the holy grail of online marketing and is becoming an increasingly difficult task to achieve. WAPPCard is the most efficient, personal and effective way to get your professional services onto your clients’ mobile device and encourages repeat business, product promotion and a personal point of contact.

Personal Apps for Professionals

WAPPCard digital business cards are added as an app directly on your clients' phone ensuring that all of your details are just a tap away. Over 88% of traditional business cards end up in the bin and they are becoming irrelevant in an ever-increasing online marketplace. With just a two-tap-contact process, the WAPPCard acts as the middle man between traditional hard copy marketing and today’s ever-increasing online demands.

As your own personal app is added onto your clients’ phone, this ensures that there are no more lost business cards or forgetting contact names. Phone users are reluctant to remove an app that may be of use to them at a point in the future, this ensures that your business details are always in the palm of your clients’ hand. What’s more, using clever techniques, it is less steps to make a call to a clients’ WAPPCard than that of a contact already saved on your phone!

WAPPCards can be updated in real time which allows you to change any detail on each of your previously shared WAPPCards instantly. For example, if you have shared a thousand digital business cards and get a new phone number, your WAPPCard will then show the new number on any device on which it has been previously added. This is achieved by our professional support team who quickly update the details on your WAPPCard as required.

WAPPCards have a beautiful design that prioritises the most vital screen space on all devices. This enables ease-of-use, builds trust in your client and acts as a professional point-of-contact for your business. It is extremely quick & easy for even the most basic of users. They are simply sent directly via SMS, WhatsApp, Email or social media.

Due to their paperless nature, WAPPCards are kind to the environment and help prevent waste and litter.

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